Thursday, September 22, 2011

Christmas Wish

Yesterday I posted on my Facebook page that I had already figured out what I wanted for Christmas and it was completely selfish. Now, I didn’t post exactly what it was, so the feedback and comments I received were crazy!

So what is it? What do I want so bad that I actually posted it in September? And is it truly selfish (as most Moms are thinking –HA!)? And, most importantly, how do I have time to think about Christmas presents in September? Well, keep reading (hopefully I am building a little suspense!!)

The thought actually started after lunch on Tuesday with a great friend. She was talking about how she was purchasing Christmas gifts for her kids, 1 gift each month until Christmas so she was not overwhelmed in December and she could get that last minute “I want that” gift without any issues. Genius, I thought! (And truth be told, she is a genius!).

So I started thinking about what to get everyone for Christmas…and then I realized what my husband always complains about – I couldn’t think of anything for me (just me!). I could come up with ideas for A & B, my hubby, even my parents, but nothing just for me. Everything I thought of had something to do with the kids (going to a nice hotel over Christmas break), the house (new bedroom carpeting or living room furniture), or basic necessities (saving for a new air conditioner).

I wish I could say it was something profound (like world peace) or a basic need (like having my family be happy and healthy), but this is just pure selfish. Yes, for the 1st time since my girls were born I am not being practical or thoughtful – just plain selfish!

Drum roll please…..

I want a day with my best friend. Just us – no hubbies, no kids, no text messages or calls asking “where are this kid’s boots or this stuffed animal.” Just a day filled with indulgence – manicures, pedicures, massages, shopping (and not at Children’s Place!) and some adult beverages.

Now while this may seem pretty reasonable – planning is difficult given our schedules, our kids’ schedules, distance and possibly budget (we would need to find a place with all day happy hour!). Plus, it is not easy to just take a day. Laundry piles up, errands get doubled up and there is the inevitable “Well, you spent the day with your BFF, so I should get to go XXXXX (insert event here)” from the hubby.

So now you know. Nothing too wild and crazy (although I did like this watch at Joseph’s Jewelers too!). Now – what do you want that is completely selfish? Go on – admit it!

Jean Anne

P.S. If we could make this a day for the Fab Four – even better!!

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