Thursday, September 1, 2011

The School Lunch Showdown

We are in week 2 of kindergarten and I thought things were going pretty good. And, they were, until I learned that A & B weren’t really eating their lunch, or breakfast for that matter. It all started in a conversation like this:

Mommy: “So, how was breakfast this morning?”

A: “The fruit roll-up from my snack bag was great!”

B: “Yummy! I love fruit roll-ups!”

Mommy: “But what else did you have for breakfast?” knowing that she had paid for breakfast.

A & B: “Nothing.”

So, at that point, hubby got upset because they were wasting money and it all spiraled out of control. It got to the point of “well, then you won’t take lunch at all.” Yeah…like that’s going to work.

I fully admit my girls are EXTREMELY picky eaters (similar to me!). And one of the exciting items when we picked out school supplies were Hello Kitty and Ariel lunch bags (to match the backpacks!). So they really like to take lunch every day. And I can’t say that I blame them, as school lunch BBQ chicken or turkey and noodles would not be high on my list either. (And no, this is not going into a discussion on how healthy or unhealthy school lunches are...hello, I let the girls drink pop and eat Cheetos all the time!).

So, we have compromised and look at the school menu each day. Some days – the cool lunch bag; other days (mainly pizza and corn dogs) school lunch. Sadly, today I didn’t know the option and they were stuck with an egg sandwich on a bagel for breakfast (which wasn’t looking that great…)

On a nice note, I did get a call from school this morning saying that although they had charged A & B for the full lunch, the girls only had milk, so they would refund my money. And to be honest – at that point in the morning, I was more than happy to let them have the pudding out of their lunch bag for breakfast and pay the full amount for breakfast for just milk!

So what does everyone else do about the lunch dilemma? And please note, this is not a discussion about healthy lunches – I just want my kids to eat something.

Have a great day!

Jean Anne

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