Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Waiting Game

Today is layoff day at Husband's work.  Actually, the next two days are layoff days at Husband's work, but on information and belief, if Husband is to be laid off we will know today.  As a result, today pretty much stinks. 

We are very familiar with layoff day in my house.  Husband works in IT for a large corporation, so layoffs happen all of the time, even when the economy is booming.  Jobs in his area are constantly being shipped overseas, and fewer people are constantly being asked to do more work.  Layoffs are pretty common.  Layoffs aren't even strange in my world.  My last firm was a participant in "Bloody Tuesday" or whatever  Above the Law dubbed it.  I was at home on maternity leave when each of my office neighbors got laid off.  Thank God one of the partners I worked for answered my frantic phone call with a reassuring "it's not you."  Between Sweet Pea's eating issues and our near-daily visits to the pediatrician, I'm not sure I could have handled another stressor in my life right then.  But the point is, we know the fear well. 

I know if Husband gets laid off today that it won't be because of his work.  If anything, Husband has worked extra hard in the past two years, becoming a subject matter expert and logging on every single night after the kids go to bed to assist the overnight guys with updates or trouble shooting.  He's done what he could.  If he gets laid off, it isn't because of him. 

But I'm fearful of what will happen if Husband gets laid off.  Of course, we would miss the second income, and I don't relish the thought of shouldering all of our family's financial and insurance burdens.  But we would somehow make all that work.  My biggest worry is for the kids.  One of the best benefits of Husband's job is the on-site daycare.  It's fantastic.  I know I've had my complaints about it, but overall the daycare is a life saver.  It's convenient.  It's close by.  The kids are happy there.  The teachers go out of their way for my kids.  And my kids are learning a lot.  But if Husband gets let go, we lose the daycare.  How are we going to explain to the kids that they can't see their friends any more?  That there is no more school?  How am I ever going to find another preschool for KJ that compares to the curriculum offered at the daycare?   I'm sad and overwhelmed just thinking about it. 

I pray that we don't have to face these questions over the next two days.  There isn't much point in worrying about it - what is going to happen is going to happen - but I can't help myself.  I don't think I'll breathe easy until Thursday has come and gone. 


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