Thursday, September 30, 2010

Travel Advice

I love to travel. My whole family loves to travel. And, luckily, I have been blessed with children who LOVE to travel. They always want to go to the “hotel” or the cabin in Wisconsin. And they do great riding along in the Mom Mobile (thank you to the portable DVD players, Cheetos, and the Elmo potty!).  Every year we make a 10 hour trip (one-way) to our cabin in Wisconsin and they are troopers!

I should however, caveat my love of travel. I don’t like to fly. I don’t have a fear of flying, in fact, as a child, I loved going up in my Uncle Charlie’s small plane and flying over my house. Now, however, when I book a flight, all I can think about is getting the plane back on the ground. Maybe it’s the cramped leg room or the crying children. Most likely, it is the motion sickness and the amount of Dramamine I have to take 30 minutes prior to boarding. But to get to certain places quickly, flying is the only option.

Next summer, we are headed to Florida to stay with the hubby’s aunt and uncle. All we have to pay for are the flights and other essentials (Pepsi, Kraft Mac n’ Cheese, Cheerios) when we get there. So we can’t pass up this opportunity – A n’ B’s first trip to the ocean!!

As you may realize, there is quite a distance between the middle of Iowa and the west coast of Florida. Lots of driving, 4+ days in the van, Cheeto breath. So flying is the only practical option.

As you may guess, as a working woman, I have limited time off. As a working mom, that time is cut in half. And as you already may have guessed, I pack the entire family (this includes my hubby – as I always get the “what are you taking or what should I wear” or “do you think I need to take this?”). Since we are headed to Florida for a week, we will need to check luggage, have our carry-on bags loaded and plenty of aspirin and Dramamine.

As many of you know, packing requires strategy. Do I really need all of these shoes? How many books should I take in my carry-on? How much room should I leave for souvenirs? This strategy must increase as I pack for A n’ B. What will keep them entertained for the flight? Should I buy a portable DVD player or Nintendo DS? What if they have motion sickness? How do I teach them to “pop” their ears?

As we returned from Vegas, I noticed how many children were flying, some very young. And all of them seemed to be doing great. So I am reaching out, seeking advice on how to fly with young children. Thoughts? Strategies? Prayers?


Jean Anne

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