Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Number That Haunts Me...

Just went in last week for my annual physical/exam (yes, ladies – that one!). After dashing out late in the work-day afternoon, sending those final emails, praying that I hit all the lights and there is no traffic (because I left at the last minute to finish up a conference call), I make it with a minute to spare. Victory! (Especially for those of you who know I am ALWAYS late).

So what is the first thing you get to do in a physical? Yep, height and weight check – oh boy! And the praying begins…maybe my scale at home is wrong; it must be my padded bra; or it is still baby weight (4 years later). And no surprise, the scale reads that dreaded number – 30 more pounds than I want it to (there is no way I am publishing the actual number!!)

Great – now time to talk to the doctor about my weight gain and high blood pressure (the latter because I have been rushing to this appointment, I have a presentation due tomorrow for upper management, I will have to make up the 2 hours I left work early, and I need to leave soon in order to pick up photos at Walgreens, get a birthday gift at Target, and pick up the girls before soccer practice). So when the “need to eat better and get more exercise” lecture begins, I ask for another hour in the day and explain my daily schedule:

6:15 AM – wake up and get moving slowly
  • Shower
  • Make-up
  • Get dressed (hoping my clothes fit, match, are clean(ish))
  • Blow-dry hair
6:45 AM – wake up hubby to get moving; take Jetta outside

7:00 AM – get bags in the car, juice/milk ready and hope there are granola bars to eat on way to work

7:15 AM – wake up A n’ B – get them moving (slowly…)

7:45 AM – leave for work/daycare (this could vary to 8 AM)

8:15-8:30 AM – get to work (if everything goes smoothly with drop off at daycare, Mommy didn’t forget anything, girls are dressed appropriately for field trip, dance class, extra clothes for soccer, etc.)

Noonish – Lunch? HA! Normally between conference calls and emails I make a quick dash to the microwave, provided I remembered to bring something (see 7 AM).

5:15-5:30 PM – Leave work

6:00 PM – pick up A n’ B from daycare

6:15 PM – home
  • Start a load of laundry, get dinner going, change out of work clothes, review what A n’ B might need for next day, possible run to Hy-vee or Target
  • N/A if soccer practice/swimming lessons/horseback riding lessons
7:00 to 8:30 PM – have dinner, clean up, laundry, try to get outside for play time

8:30 to 9:00 PM – bath time

9:30 PM – bed time for A n’ B (maybe…)

10:00 PM – I would like to go to sleep, but realize I have not spent any time with my hubby. Hmmm…might be nice to talk to him. Or log on to answer a few more emails…

11:00 PM – Sleep?

Please note this schedule is dependent on everything running smoothly. Sick kids, practices/rehearsals, travel plans, unforeseen meetings at work, etc. are not factored in. And I value sleep! I am not taking away from the 7 hours of sleep so I can work out (isn’t the norm 8 hours of sleep/day?). So if anyone has any ideas, please share :)  In the meantime, I will keep hoping someone picks me for one of those mom makeover reality shows which includes a new haircut, stylish wardrobe and liposuction (and keep avoiding my scale in the bathroom).

P.S. My doctor just laughed when I told her the above daily schedule. And then gave me information on eating healthier.

Jean Anne

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