Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just a Mom with a JD

Well, first off, let me be honest. I don’t have the typical “lawyer” job. I don’t go to court; I don’t write briefs and I am not up to date on the latest Supreme Court decisions. In fact, I don’t even wear a suit to work! (Thank goodness, because my suits would not fit!). I work in a Compliance Department for a financial institution. I do research, presentations, reports, procedures, etc. I have managed a team of up to 5 people, balanced budgets, ordered equipment and written meeting agendas and minutes. So I have some different challenges to face being a Mom JD.

1. On a conference call while working at home on a snow day, you may hear my daughter tell the meeting attendees “Mommy, I have to go potty.” And yes, I can blush over the phone.
2. I dread the phone ringing at my desk. Every time I see an outside line, I pray it isn’t daycare telling me A or B (or A n’ B) is sick.
3. If the girls are sick, it is possible I will be on a conference call on my work phone while trying to track down my husband or Gma/Gpa to pick up the kids by email or cell phone.
4. I have to tell my kids “No, Mommy can’t see you at swim lessons today. I have to go to work.” And hating every word I am saying.
5. When the boss tells me I have to fly wherever for an offsite meeting, I smile weakly, knowing that my family can’t go with me (and the guilt and scheduling that comes with me leaving).
6. If I am in UAT, my test names will probably follow a Disney pattern (i.e. First Name: Perry; Middle Name: the; Last Name: Platypus or First Name: Princess; Middle Name: Ariel; Last Name: Mermaid)
7. I will not be joining in playdates and don’t know anyone at dance lessons/soccer lessons.
8. I will show up to soccer practice in a skirt and dress shirt.
9. I won’t be VP by 33 because I won’t be staying late to attend a networking event or requesting extra work.

Yes, I have heard it all regarding being a working mom. I do know that I am very lucky to have a job. Especially one that is very understanding about scheduling around doctor appointments, daycare, etc. I knew when I went to law school that I just wanted to do legal research and stay in-house.

And yes, I do understand that I could not live in as big of house, have “luxury” items (not sure what those are, but ok), and save more money. Then I could stay at home and not complain about work/missing my kids. But right now, I know that (or I comfort myself with):

1. A n’ B are learning more with their teachers and friends at pre-K and daycare then I could teach them.
2. They have definitely made some wonderful friends at school.
3. I am teaching them that as a woman they can have it all
4. I do like my “luxury” lifestyle.

Will this change? You bet! I would love to work part-time. I want to be able to take the girls to practice, school, dance lessons. And yes, I want to be the Mom that always has yummy treats (don’t laugh – I can cook!). But right now, I am just doing the best I can.

Jean Anne

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  1. One of the hardest things IS being away from the kids, but like you, I know that I am teaching my kids a sense of responsibility, independence and empowerment (at least I hope I am) - I also want my daughter to aspire to do whatever she can with her life. The other day in the grocery store she ask me "What do DADS do all day?!"