Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Fever

I totally have spring fever!  For the last four weeks, I have chomping at the bit to get the vegetable garden tilled, get the leaves cleared away and to GET PLANTING! Something about the Spring makes me feel like I need to get my hands in the dirt and get some color on.  I have been to the local plant shop three times already, perusing the seedlings and dreaming about the fantastic flower displays I am going to create.  Each time, the owner has to warn me off - it's too soon! wait until the end of worry of frost. It is killing me!  I spend a dollar amount on flowers that I don't even want to contemplate. I'm a flower junkie in the Spring. 
The funny thing about it is, that each Spring I have these grand ideas - we've expanded our vegetable garden three times-and aspirations - "I WILL water my outside potted plants every day, just like Mom says to," but, inevitably, by about the second week of June, I'm sick of pulling weeds and I'm tired of having to drag the hose all around the outside of the house.  My grand plans go astray, and by the end of the summer, the remaining tomatoes, beans or whatever is still in the garden are rotting on the vine; the flowers are wilted and sad looking from dehydration.  Almost every year! 
Of course, they say that admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving's a work in progress.  Two years ago, I tried to solve the problem by planting only perennials - they are generally more self-sufficient- unfortunately, our dog seems to think that any new plant item is an upgraded toilet.  He kills ALL new plantings in the ground.  SO, last year, I opted for just annuals, in pots, so the dog would leave them alone.  Unfortunately, annuals actually require attention, and I don't have an eye for flower design, so again, I was unhappy.  This year I think I'll take the easy way out: plant tomatoes and prearranged flowers and plants -- then expend the rest of my "get dirty" energy looking for bugs with the kids! 
Happy Spring everyone!   


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