Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Now, while I love musical/musical theater, this post is not about the musical Hair. Nope, this post is somewhat boring and dull…just about hair (you know, the kind on your head?). And currently, that’s what my hair is – boring and dull. But let’s not talk about me.

As a mom of twin girls, hair is a hairy situation (hardee har har). My daughters have shoulder length beautiful blonde hair with reddish streaks (probably described as a strawberry blonde by most people). But it is horrible to take care of.  It is thin and there is not much of it.  Unless I start brushing out the tangles.  And then you would think B is Rapunzel. 

Now, I guess you could say I have somewhat tomboy-ish/athletic/non-girly girls. Although, I am not sure this is completely an accurate description, as they won’t wear jeans and B loves purple! But we are at the soccer/softball fields all spring…which means a ponytail. Which means whining!!  I am not talking about french braids or anything fancy.  I am talking about a simple ponytail.  Just so they can see the ball.  Is that really that horrible?

For girls that are very particular about what they wear (whether it be a fancy dress or Adidas shorts), they could care less about how their hair looks. They only care when their bangs get too long and they get tired of brushing them out of their faces. One soccer practice, Grandma forgot ponytails…what a mess!

Even if A & B grudgingly let me put their hair up, it never looks right. I am always missing a strand or there is a bump where it should be smooth. Plus, after a tough game, the pony tail looks like it went through a wind storm. And the tangles…

So, does anyone have any hair tips for me? With swimming season fast approaching, any advice would be appreciated. I think I have tried about every hair care product (Wen Hair, It’s a Ten spray, Suave detangler) and all kinds of pony tail holders. Any cute hair ideas (besides just cutting it off)?

Thanks for your help!

Jean Anne

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  1. As a dance Mom I can completely field this question!! Ha!! I used to think people were crazy when they told me that growing out bangs were an easier style to deal with but honestly J's hair has been so much easier for me to do now that her bangs are out. Although it is completely a pain in the butt to grow them out.But I do see now that I'm through the process why people do it. Seems to be easier for me to deal with than bangs. Here's what I live for as far as hair stuff: I have always used good shampoo and conditioner (not kids stuff) for J's hair because otherwise it's really tangly. Whatever I use on my hair I pretty much use on hers except I always go for thin hair types for her because she has really thin hair. I use leave in conditioner spray sometimes. Headbands, headbands, headbands - they always save the day. My favorite thing for J's hair are the snap clips. So much easier than pony tail holders for the front of the hair. Take the girls to Claire's they have tons of clips and have soccer ball ones, baseball, etc for a sportier look. If I were you I'd just put the hair in a low pony (less tears that way) and clip the bangs out of the face and maybe use a soft headband to hold them back. If the hair keeps flying away from a ponytail the best advice I can give is hair gel - J hates hair spray constantly sprayed so I use hair gel and it helps me to slick the hair to keep flyaways away. Good luck!!! - Mandi