Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Break 2013, Part 2

Since my last post, I hope that you have been waiting with baited breath for the next post. (Ok, so probably not, since we all have kids, jobs, errands, laundry, etc.) But, since I feel that this is somewhat of a diary for me, I will continue the saga of Spring Break 2013.

Dodgeville, Wisconsin is not a large town and does not have a large selection of dining spots. But after 2 recommendations from the hotel front desk, we headed out. Unfortunately, the 1st spot had a 45 minute wait and the 2nd spot was about the same (thank goodness for the internet and cell phones!). Given my father’s lack of patience, my husband’s desire for food other than pizza and my kids’ mounting hunger, we were lucky to find a bar/restaurant within walking distance serving a corned beef special. Whew! Crisis averted…or so I thought.

After sitting down to dinner, placing orders and enjoying some libations, my father puts on his glasses and attempts to read the menu. That’s when he started bleeding…from his bad eye.

If you know someone who takes blood thinners, your biggest worry is how am I going to get him/her to stop bleeding? And to make matters worse, it was coming from my dad’s eye that he just had surgery on.

No panic here, just lots of napkins, gauze and trying to keep the girls distracted. We were lucky to get the bleeding to slow down to a trickle, so my dad (and the rest of us) could eat. So back to the hotel for my dad to lay down and the girls to swim.

Time for bed and the girls decide to sleep with Auntie J and Uncle R –score for the hubs and me! Woo-hoo! Drama done and we can finally start our relaxing vacation, right?

So morning rolls around and there is a call on our hotel room phone. I quickly pick up, thinking it is the girls, but no one is there. Oh well, I roll back over for more sleep. Then, a knock at our door. No biggie, right? Just the girls ready to go swimming. Nope. It’s the hotel receptionist letting us know that someone is trying to call us on our cell phones (my was off and hubby’s was on vibrate). So, check the messages. Always great to hear this from my mom:

“Your father started bleeding again last night, so we are at the emergency room in Dodgeville, since we can’t get the bleeding to stop. We are probably going to have to go to Madison.”

What? So many emotions going through my head at that time…at it was only 8:30 AM.

The day only continued to get more emotional…

Jean Anne

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