Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's February

This is a blog post of many apologies (So sorry!)

First, I need to apologize for my prolonged absence from the blog. Last week I was attending a conference in Scottsdale, AZ (correction – last Thursday I was mainly in airports/on planes trying to get home!). And the week before that, I was preparing to take the week “off from work” to attend the conference. So I am sorry I have been absent. 

Second, I need to apologize for the content of this post. To quote a Darius Rucker song title “I’ve Got Nothing.” (Probably need to apologize for the bad grammar there too!). I have been trying all week to come up with a good topic, and yet, nothing. Zero, zilch, nada.  And what a boring title!

Third, I need to apologize for my attitude (see #2 above). I am in a rut. Yes folks, it’s February and I am stuck. Don’t get me wrong, life is good (at least I think so, but I have school conferences for A & B tonight, so let’s hope it goes well!). But I don’t have anything planned or a goal that is just, well, WOW!

Sure, we have vacation plans, kindergarten graduation, Spring dance show, soccer and softball, but nothing really out of the ordinary. And last year, I had the goal of running a 5K. While that goal didn’t pan out, I am still in the gym 4 times a week, have added Zumba to my workout and toned up.  

So what next? Does anyone have anything exciting or big goals for 2012 that you are willing to share  Thanks!

Jean Anne

P.S. Sorry for the whiny tone of this post. I should be thankful for the “normalness” of my life.

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