Thursday, March 1, 2012

Suddenly, It's March

Welcome to March! I know that we had an extra day in February, but sadly, I am still behind. Could it be that we are almost at Spring Break? (And as I type this my lack-of-focus brain thinks – “Spring Break – woo-hoo! Oh wait, I’m not in college anymore!”)

I was supposed to have so much completed by this time:

• New pictures in frames in hallway

• Lose 10 pounds (or at least 5)

• A & B eating healthier

• Better communications with my family and friends (not just the occasional random email)

• New databases at work

• Better filing at work

• Summer “nanny” for A & B

• New recipes for home

• A pedicure

Do you know how many I have completed? One – maybe – if you count that A is asking for bananas rather than Airheads and B is living on yogurt instead of cheese puffs. What happened?

The one that currently concerns me the most is the summer “nanny” for A & B. (I am using quote marks around nanny, because I really hate the term sitter and I typically think of a nanny as also running errands, doing light cleaning, cooking, etc.) At this point, we don’t have any person lined up for the summer to watch A & B. And I am not sure where to go next….

A & B currently have it pretty easy. After school, we have a wonderful person who picks up A & B, and watches them until Hubby and I get home from work. She is great – lets them watch a little TV, helps them with their spelling words, gets them a healthy snack, etc. Plus, she also helps get them ready for swimming, dance, soccer practice, etc. Given the fact that A & B get one-on-one attention (for the most part), this is well worth it (and a lot cheaper than before!).

Unfortunately, she is unable to watch them full time during the summer. Which leaves us with finding someone new. While we have been in our house for almost 8 years, we still somewhat feel “new” to the area and don’t know that many people. Even more difficult is the fact that I am trying to find someone that fits perfectly with my family.

I currently am stuck with trying to find someone responsible who can “haul” A & B around all summer, whether it be to swimming, soccer, softball, dance camp, camps at the SCI or Blank Park Zoo or maybe just spend a day at Adventureland. And I honestly think, most days, they are pretty easy to hang out with.

But, I am not ready to give this responsibility to a 16 year old. Hello – do you remember how you drove when you were 16? And for most of you, the distractions didn’t include texting/IMing while driving. On the other hand, I am not sure a college student I barely know works either.

So all thoughts would be appreciated. What are your plans for your kids this summer?


Jean Anne


  1. Have you considered asking a teacher? I am single and have 'nannied' my niece & nephew for at least part of the past few summers. I don't get paid but its nice because the rest of the year, I live more than 20 hours away. And while I have work I need to do during the summer, my time is flexible so I can work around their schedule and/or in the evenings.
    P.S. If you have received this multiple times, I apologize. It keeps asking me to sign in to various accounts & then after I sign in, everything I've written is gone.

    1. Thanks Amy! That is a great idea! We will check with their kindergarten teacher to see if there is anyone that would be interested. (There is one teacher who lives close to us, but is already busy with her own kids this summer).